Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Louie Walsh drives Lloyd to tears

It seems Louis Walsh's criticism of Lloyd Daniels last weekend hit the you Welsh hard. Today's Newspapers report that he told producers 'I'm going, I can’t carry on' backstage at the studios in Wembley, North London.

The outburst came after Walsh angered Cheryl Cole following Sunday night's results show when he said he was shocked that the young singer was not in the bottom two acts, adding: 'I can't believe Lloyd is still here.'

Walsh said he was surprised that it was not Lloyd, who Cole has been mentoring on the show, competing with Jedward to stay in the competition - instead of popular Olly Murs.

Speaking on ITV2 spin-off show, The Xtra Factor, Walsh said: 'I thought it would have been Lloyd in the bottom two because he's been there, like, three times. Olly did not deserve to be in the bottom two.'

Saturday, 21 November 2009

lloyd to sing George Michael's Faith tonight

It is another weekend and the X-Factor is back

Tonight the theme is George Michael and the songs the remaining X-Factor finalists will be singing have been leaked. According to our source here is the song list

Lloyd Daniels - Faith

Danyl Johnson - Careless Whispers (after reportedly refusing to sing Prayer for Time)

Joe McElderry - Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

Olly Murs - Fast Love

Stacey Solomon - I Can't Make You Love Me

The Twins - I'm Your Man

Friday, 20 November 2009

Lloyds Mum says Simon Cowell is Welsh-ist

Lloyd Daniels' mother has spoken out against Simon Cowell saying: “He’s got it in for the Welsh.”

Lisa Daniels speaking to the Echo newspaper revealed she would give the show supremo a piece of her mind after he branded her son a “a puppy taking part in the Grand National”.

Lisa, 41, said: “I had a feeling that Lloyd would be in the bottom two, not because he didn’t do a good performance on Saturday, but Simon’s words, I thought, would have swayed the public, saying he was like a puppy trying to run in the Grand National.

“I think Simon is being a bit silly myself because last week Lloyd did really well. He is starting to show himself.

“But there is never any positive stuff from Simon.”

The mum of three, from Treharris, near Merthyr Tydfil, has not had the chance to have a word with the controversial judge.

She said: “We’ve not even met Cheryl, so I can’t see myself meeting Simon.

“But I would ask him what he’s up to. He praises other contestants when they shine but he has always got something sarcastic to say to my 16-year-old boy. I would like to give him a piece of my mind.

“I would like to ask him whether he has got anything against the Welsh. Lucie was a strong contestant and he should have said nicer things to her, but he didn’t.”

Monday, 16 November 2009

Lloyd's home town celebrates as Lloyd escapes X-Factor Exit

Jubilation broke our across Treharris, Wales this weekend as Lloyd Daniels miraculously escaped eviction from the X-Factor this weekend.

Lloyd's hometown has been solidly behind him over the duration of the show and their relief at his escaping being sent off the show was evident in the celebrations.

Lloyd was in the bottom two for the second time on the show. This weekend he and Jamie "Afro" Archer found themselves fighting for survival in the sing-off. The Judges were unable to agree on who to save, and the decision went to 'deadlock' where Jamie who polled the least number of votes was sent home.

Lloyd's family had urged the whole of Wales to get behind the teenager after the controversy of the past week.

His mum Lisa who travels every week from Treharris to Wembly where the live shows are filmed said Lloyd would love to remain in the competition. “We are all so proud of him,” she said.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lloyd Daniels misse best-mate Lucie Jones

It seems the two Welsh contestants on the X-Factor Lloyd Daniels and Lucie Jones formed a strong bond while on the show.

In a recent interview Lloyd revealed how much he missed Lucie. "I really miss Lucie, I was absolutely gutted when she went, I was really shocked when she went, because I thought she was the strongest. It shows that you have to vote for the people that you like, so please do - it means so much to us.

"I was shocked that she went. I didn't know to do when she left because she was probably my best friend in the house after Rikki [Loney] went."

It had also revealed that Lloyd's Mum had been voting for BOTH Lloyd and Lucie. She said : "I was amazed when Lucie went. We voted for her and Lloyd every week because they're our favourites and both Welsh. Lucie didn't deserve to go."

This Week is the Queen themed week and Lloyd is excited about it and has said "I think this week coming up is my favourite theme. It's going to be great - absolutely amazing. My choreography is quite mad, so I hope you all enjoy it."

Friday, 13 November 2009

Lloyd Daniels is home-sick !

Seems the weeks away from Wales is taking its toll on Lloyd Daniels. Reports this week say Lloyd has begged his Mum to bring his favourite blankets from Wales to the shared X Factor house in London - as he has been finding it difficult to sleep in strange surroundings.

His Mum told Newspapers that with his favourite 'blankies' he is struggling to get any sleep.

She said "He finds it really difficult to get off to sleep normally.

"But in the house he only has a single duvet and, with late nights after shows at the weekend, he finds it hard to unwind. But now he can relax with his own duvet - he can wrap himself up like a sausage roll!

"At home, he usually watches a DVD to get off to sleep, and sometimes even falls asleep on the settee. I think it's a Welsh boy thing."

Friday, 6 November 2009

lloyd beats illness scare and will sing this week.

For a while it looked like the a sore throat would keep Lloyd out of this week's live show. A disaster for his teeming teenage fans, but to be honest a bit of relief for music lovers everywhere as his performance to date has left a lot to be desired.

However teenagers rejoice, music lovers despair, Lloyd looks like he is on the mend. Lloyd’s mum Lisa said it had looked touch and go whether he would be fit to compete in this Saturday’s heat after being taken to see the doctor on Tuesday, but said her son is determined to take part.

She said: “He’s supposed to rest his voice but I can see him panicking and practising songs in his room and making his throat worse.

“In a way I think we’d prefer him not to sing on Saturday so he can get better.

“He’s feeling low at the moment but if he sings this week, I want him to go out there and prove what he can do so he can get his dignity back.

“We want to thank everyone for their support.”

Last week Lloyd landed in the bottom two with Rachel Adedeji and even though he was completely out-sung he survived but is keen to prove himself again.

His mum said “He came to me afterwards and he was a bit weepy. A caller had rung into the Xtra Factor and asked him if he thought he was getting by on his looks. That really upset him.”