Saturday, 24 October 2009

My Mates Are Jealous of Me - Lloyd Daniels

Lloyd Daniels has revealed that his mates are jealous that he get to hang out with Cheryl Cole. They would have not been too chuffed when he melted the hearts of millions by giving Cheryl Cole a shoulder to cry on, after Simon Cowell ahd given her a dressing down over her song choice for Lloyd during last week's X-Factor Diva week.

In a interview with the South Wales Echo, Lloyd who hails from Treharris, Merthyr said

“Cheryl is awesome, my friends are very jealous that she’s my mentor and I get to spend time with her.

“They keep asking me to get her autograph.

“Everything’s absolutely brilliant, like seriously amazing.

“It couldn’t get better than this.

“I think I’m coping really well with the pressure. I thought I’d be a lot worse but I’ve surprised myself. I’m just trying to put the nerves aside and go for it.”

and in a revelation that will please millions of teenage girls across the country he let it be known that he hasn't got a girlfriend,

“I just want to focus on my singing at the moment, that’s my priority, but I do love the attention from the ladies.

“It’s very flattering and everyone I’ve met so far has been really nice so I can’t complain.

“I practically get jumped on by girls every time I leave the house, it’s quite funny really.

“There’s no-one I’ve got my eye on just now, but watch this space.”

Don't worry about that Lloyd we will be watching the space...

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  1. Lloyd. omg i loveyou (L)
    will you will go out with me ? :):)