Friday, 13 November 2009

Lloyd Daniels is home-sick !

Seems the weeks away from Wales is taking its toll on Lloyd Daniels. Reports this week say Lloyd has begged his Mum to bring his favourite blankets from Wales to the shared X Factor house in London - as he has been finding it difficult to sleep in strange surroundings.

His Mum told Newspapers that with his favourite 'blankies' he is struggling to get any sleep.

She said "He finds it really difficult to get off to sleep normally.

"But in the house he only has a single duvet and, with late nights after shows at the weekend, he finds it hard to unwind. But now he can relax with his own duvet - he can wrap himself up like a sausage roll!

"At home, he usually watches a DVD to get off to sleep, and sometimes even falls asleep on the settee. I think it's a Welsh boy thing."

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