Saturday, 14 November 2009

Lloyd Daniels misse best-mate Lucie Jones

It seems the two Welsh contestants on the X-Factor Lloyd Daniels and Lucie Jones formed a strong bond while on the show.

In a recent interview Lloyd revealed how much he missed Lucie. "I really miss Lucie, I was absolutely gutted when she went, I was really shocked when she went, because I thought she was the strongest. It shows that you have to vote for the people that you like, so please do - it means so much to us.

"I was shocked that she went. I didn't know to do when she left because she was probably my best friend in the house after Rikki [Loney] went."

It had also revealed that Lloyd's Mum had been voting for BOTH Lloyd and Lucie. She said : "I was amazed when Lucie went. We voted for her and Lloyd every week because they're our favourites and both Welsh. Lucie didn't deserve to go."

This Week is the Queen themed week and Lloyd is excited about it and has said "I think this week coming up is my favourite theme. It's going to be great - absolutely amazing. My choreography is quite mad, so I hope you all enjoy it."

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