Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Louie Walsh drives Lloyd to tears

It seems Louis Walsh's criticism of Lloyd Daniels last weekend hit the you Welsh hard. Today's Newspapers report that he told producers 'I'm going, I can’t carry on' backstage at the studios in Wembley, North London.

The outburst came after Walsh angered Cheryl Cole following Sunday night's results show when he said he was shocked that the young singer was not in the bottom two acts, adding: 'I can't believe Lloyd is still here.'

Walsh said he was surprised that it was not Lloyd, who Cole has been mentoring on the show, competing with Jedward to stay in the competition - instead of popular Olly Murs.

Speaking on ITV2 spin-off show, The Xtra Factor, Walsh said: 'I thought it would have been Lloyd in the bottom two because he's been there, like, three times. Olly did not deserve to be in the bottom two.'

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